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Solera Barrels

Handcrafted with Care

In Europe prior to the 18th century, households often kept whiskey in a family barrel. The whiskey was enjoyed straight out of the barrel or was poured, as needed, into a glass bottle by the “bottler” or more colloquially, the “butler”. As each bottle of whiskey was enjoyed, a new bottle was poured into the barrel. Over time the family’s whiskey aged and blended to become a unique reflection of the family. As the family matured, so did the whiskey.

Solera is a method of aging spirits that originated in Spain during the 19th century. Conceptually, the Solera method is not unlike the family whiskey barrel, in that spirits of differing age are blended. However, Solera aging employs multiple barrels to ensure flavor and aroma consistency over time. Consistency is especially important for commercial applications, but it also ensures that a special “house” whiskey can be passed on through the generations. 

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